Corned Venison Recipe


This recipe yields about 10 servings.

3 lbs Salt

1/2 tsp Saltpeter

1/2 cup Molasses Or Brown Sugar

1/2 tsp Baking Soda

2 gal Water


It is best to cut the meat into 4-6 lb. pieces. 

Have a barrel ready and spread a layer of salt on the bottom.

Rub each piece of the meat with a mixture of salt and pepper and pack down in layers, covering each with a layer of salt.

The top layer should be of salt.

Let stand overnight in the morning pour on the brine made by mixing all of the ingredients together, using 1 recipe for each 25 lbs. of meat.

(dissolve the ingredients in the 2 gallons of water stirring until the salt is dissolved.

Test with an egg; if it floats, fine, if not, add more salt).

Pour over the packed salted meat and if necessary pour on more water to cover the meat.

Invert a dish over it and put a heavy weight on it, to be sure that the meat will not float.

It may be used in 2-3 weeks.

For 100 lbs. of meat double all of the ingredients

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