The Chaisson Buck

By Brooke Chaisson 

There was a snow storm moving in so spur of the moment I asked my husband if he wanted to hunt? He did... so we rushed to get ready. We sat up on top of a hill that overlooked a large corn field. Not even ten minutes in.. a smaller buck, about 500 yards out, kept coming in and out of the wood line. We watched him and noticed that he kept looking to the left. Then he disappeared. My husband looked up and started repeating big buck... big buck! I didn’t believe him so I asked, "How big?" He handed me the binoculars and all I could see were the white points moving across the field.  So excited, we tried to come up with a plan of what we had to do because a 500 plus shot wasn’t even doable. So, we agreed to try and get as close as we could. 

There was a winding cornfield between us so we had to sneak around not knowing if he was heading our way. I had a stand that was closer to where he was, but it was questionable if he was going to be in the field by the time I got in my stand. So we pressed on. As soon as we rounded the corner there he was, chasing a doe with not a care in the world. This time he was ranged at 220. My husband asked if I thought I could make the shot. I said yes, but I would need some sort of rest. So he let me use his shoulder and I got settled it. I watched him for a minute to make sure I had my breathing under control. I shot. I felt like I went deaf for a minute. A sea of does went running by and the buck had dropped. I cried so hard. I couldn’t believe what a quick spontaneous hunt it was. Emotional as well. I will never forget my biggest buck so far.

Brooke's buck has a 17” spread and was taken on November 18, 2019 in Schoharie County.

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