The Bunker Buck
Clinton County 8-Point

By Nate Bunker

There I was sitting in the blow down trees. I’d been there all afternoon when suddenly out popped a couple does in the lower field. I watched them as they grazed, just passing through, when something caught my eye to my left. I could see the tips of his high tines coming through the swale grass. It was him, the 8-pointer I had been watching all summer and early fall in my food plots. I named him Louie.

I thought for a while, "If he would just give me a chance I’d love to take him with my Hoyt." Just as I was thinking that, he started my way... not alone of course, but with a 6-pointer and a doe in tow.  As he came in he was about 50 yards away.  He stopped, sniffed, and looked around before proceeding to my food plot. He come within 35 yards of where I was sitting and along with the other two deer. I waited for about ten minutes before he presented a shot. He went on about 75 yards before expiring.  Perfect behind the shoulder blade shot through the heart.

Nate took his nice 8-point on Oct. 19, 2018 in Clinton County. The buck dressed at 194 lbs.

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