The Buisch Buck
Ontario County Archery Buck

By Andrew Buisch

I just received permission to hunt a new farm and noticed there was about a three acre island of woods between several bean and corn fields. I carried my climber up and as soon as I entered the woods I noticed a very old ladder stand that was still in good shape so I decided to sit in that. There was a slight west breeze blowing, but I knew anything coming in my direction would be coming from the north so I felt I was safe.

About an hour passed and a few does stepped into the edge of the beans about 40 yards below me. I watched them feed for a while then they wandered off. A few minutes later I let out a few social grunts and was able to call a 4-point to the same edge of the field the does had just left. Curious of where the bucks were at in the rut, I grunted at him a few times more aggressively just to watch his behavior.

The 4-point began acting weird and he tucked his tail right between his legs and froze. I couldn’t understand why he was acting this way as he just stood there for a few seconds, then I saw him take a few steps sideways in a defensive posture. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and noticed a tall white rack stepping through the weeds and heading towards the little buck. When the big rack buck stepped into the open I saw immediately that he was a great buck!

I had ranged the area where the does were earlier and knew I was looking at 37-40 yards for a shot. I stood up in my stand, turned around, drew my bow back and settled my 40 yard pin on the big buck. He was quartering away so I knew I had to place my shot a bit back. I let the arrow fly and the buck took off. I could see my fletching sticking out of him right where I had placed the shot. I watched him run about 50 yards then my vision was blocked by trees in front of me.

I began to get nervous as this would be my best ever bow harvest. I called my buddy and told him I had just stuck a good one. While on the phone with him I swore I heard that famous final lung sound right before a deer expires. Once dark, we began tracking. At first there was no blood, about 30 yards from where I shot him we finally found a small droplet. We began walking in the direction the deer ran from the spot of blood and found a trail of blood about two feet wide. We found the buck just about 20 yards up from where we found the good blood trail. When my light first hit him I grabbed my buddy Steve Croll and hugged him so hard I thought I was going to break his neck. We were beyond excited and it made for a great hunting memory. 

Andrew Buisch took this buck in Ontario County on October 22, 2018 with his Matthews Creed bow with Easton Axis arrows and Rage hypodermic broad heads. 

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