Buck Fever... Better Than Drugs

by Aaron Carpenter
(Trumansburg, NY Tompkins County)

Dream buck

Dream buck

He is a 6x4 10 point. Should score in the 140's, he dressed at 198 lbs. Live weight was 229 lbs. I was on the ground when I first saw the deer coming too me. I had a small window to shoot. I drew back and he moved through the shooting lane way too fast. I was heartbroken to watch him walk.

He walked into some thick stuff toward an old wheat field I was watching. I lost sight of him for 5 minutes. I gave him one grunt... then I could smell him because he was downwind of me. I knew he was still there and I had some hope. I am assuming he made a new scrape on the ground. Then I caught a glimps of him in the old wheat field moving my way! my heart was THUMPING!

I was into the woods about 10 yards from the field and the buck was coming down the line of woods and field. He took a slight left away from me walking into my shooting lane to the field at 23 yards. I dropped the hammer, and heard the arrow smack him. He ran to the opposite corner of the field, stopped and pulled the arrow out of himself. I lost sight of him after that.

I gave him about 20 min. I called my father, shaking and all, and told him I shot a MONSTER BUCK! I found the blood trail but no arrow. I put my hat down to mark first blood. I had four more deer come out to the field when I was following the trail.

I found a pile of blood and the arrow where the buck pulled it out. The arrow was lathered in blood. After that I had a hard time finding where the blood trail went. I looked up and saw some brown and a giant set of antlers sticking up in the air. I had the biggest smile on my face. I approached the buck with caution still to make sure he was expired. It was the happiest guy in the world at the moment.

He was A LOT bigger than I thought. I said a thank you prayer for the deer and my luck.

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