New York State Big Buck Club

What is the New York State Big Buck Club?

The Official Record Book for New York State's biggest and best whitetails, as well as, New York State bear records.

All animals are scored using the Boone & Crockett scoring system.

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Buck Classifications:

  • Typical Gun
  • Typical Archery
  • Typical Muzzloader
  • Non-typical Gun
  • Non-typical Archery
  • Non-typical Muzzleloader
  • Bucks Found Dead (typical & non-typical)
  • Shed Antlers (typical & non-typical)
  • Bear

Entry into the New York State Record Book requires that three basic criteria be met:

  1. The buck must have been taken legally
  2. The buck must have been taken in New York State
  3. The buck must meet minimum score requirement

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What Are The Minimum Score Requirements?


  • Typical - 140
  • Non-Typical - 165


  • Typical - 120
  • Non-Typical - 145


  • Typical - 140
  • Non-Typical - 165


  • Gun - 18"
  • Archery - 17"
  • Muzzleloader - 18"

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Are Older Trophies Eligible?

Yes. This means that any buck taken in New York is eligible for entry into the record book, regardless of age. The buck that grampa took back in the 1930’s, that has been hanging at camp since you were a little kid, is still eligible for entry. Just locate an official measurer in your area and make an appointment to have the buck scored.

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