Oven Barbecue Venison Meatballs 


1 lb. ground venison 

½ tsp. pepper

½ lb. ground beef 

1 c. catsup ¾ c. oatmeal  

½ c. water 1 c. milk  

2 T. brown sugar

1/3 c. onions, diced 

2 T. vinegar

½ tsp. salt  

2 T. Worcestershire sauce 


Mix together ground venison, ground beef, oatmeal, milk, onions, salt and pepper.  Make into meatballs. 

Put in casserole or a 9x13x2-inch pan.  Mix together catsup, water, brown sugar, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce. 

Pour over the meatballs.  Bake 1 ½ hours at 375 degrees. 

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