Back to back bucks from last season

by Zach Shipley
(Hamilton county ) name is Zach Shipley. On November 17, 2020 I harvested a fairly unique 11 point buck that I call Kicker on my private farm. The buck was well over 200lbs, but don’t have an accurate weight for him and I didn’t have this deer scored, but he was heavy horned and had tall tines and was unique to me. The next opportunity that I had to hunt came two days later and on November 19, 2020 I went back to the exact same stand that I harvested kicker from and was able to connect on a large main frame 8 point buck that I call Big Mac. His inside spread was exactly 24”, both G2s were just over a foot long, great mass...I mean this buck had it all. This buck was also well over 200lbs and scored 165 3/8. Neither of these bucks were taken in New York, but I get emails from this site and follow it regularly, so I thought I’d share my success stories with you guys and gals. Both bucks were harvested on my private farm in Hamilton county Tennessee. Both were taken in our muzzleloader only season and I used a .50 caliber CVA Accura. Last year has definitely been my best deer season ever, but this year has been pretty good as well. Just about a week ago I harvested two back to back bucks again both scoring over 140”. I love hearing about everyone’s success and good luck to everybody for the rest of the season!

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