Awesome Buck, Awesome Friends and Deer Management

by Lawrence Lewis Vielhauer
(Manlius, New York)

On November 16, 2011 I had this awesome ten point walk by at 60 yards just before sun up. He walked up the edge of the corn field and disappeared into thick cover. I had no idea how big his rack was but he had a big body. Wondering if he would appear again I sat in my tree stand scanning the area. Sure enough, he returned just as the sun was coming up and was walking the same path back where he came from at first light.

I hit the grunt call a few times hoping to bring him closer. Sure enough, he turned and came walking to the back of my tree. At this point I realized he was a big buck and never looked at the rack again. I drew my bow and when he presented a shot quartering away at 14 yards. I made the shot.

The 225 lb. buck ran about 80 yards and my good friends and I had no problem following the trail after waiting a few hours. I have to give my good friends credit for the stand location and deer management they have initiated on this property over several years. The Wide rack ten point had an official dry score of 138.3 and a 20 inch inside spread.

This buck is a direct result of years of deer management and patience demonstrated by several hunters letting the small bucks walk. Bow hunting is truly the most exhilarating sport on earth. I have to thank my Dad for introducing me to bow hunting at an early age, and taxidermy as I will have the pleasure of mounting my own buck.

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