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"Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers" is the first book dedicated entirely to shed hunting. The 160-page book is an in-depth guide that teaches you how to find naturally shed white-tailed deer antlers. The book is written by Joe Shead, a former managing editor of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine and a passionate shed hunter. Joe has found sheds from Alabama to Saskatchewan and draws on his knowledge of whitetails from both behind the desk and in the field to teach you how to find antlers.

The book discusses the fascinating processes of antler growth and shedding. You'll also learn where to look for antlers, which areas contain bucks during late winter and early spring and how to find places with high deer populations that are off-limits to deer hunting. The book also includes information on how to train a dog to find shed antlers, how to deal with competition from other shed hunters and what to do with your sheds, once you've found them.

If you've never found a shed antler but have always wanted to, this book will show you how. If you're a veteran antler seeker, Joe's tips and tricks will help you perfect your craft.

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