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Keghan Kelly arrowed this 9-point on 10/12/2018 in Yates County

Keghan Kelly arrowed this 9-point on 10/12/2018 in Yates County

The first morning that I was able to sit for the 2018 bow season was October 5th. After a very slow few hours and only seeing two young doe, I decided I would call it a morning and head back later in the day.

As I exited from my ladder stand, looking through the hedge row I saw what I consider a shooter buck heading in my direction. I quickly entered my stand again, but the buck slipped by in a thicket to the North. That was the last time I would see him for a week. No trail cam pictures... nothing.

The following friday I hunted a stand close to a mile away, it was the first really chilly evening and I hoped the deer would be moving. Unfortunately there was no action until close to 5:30 pm when a coyote walked by and I decided it should be taken out of the pack.

Not to long after I retrieved the coyote I began heading for home. Along the way I stopped where multiple logging trails meet together, and a few seconds after I stopped the buck I saw a week before stepped out at close to 40 yards.

Without hesitation, I quickly knocked an arrow and got him in my sights... a beautiful shot as he was quatering away. I found him close to 100 yards from the shot location. An incredible evening!

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