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NY Antler Outdoors Newsletter, Issue #008
October 06, 2012

2012 Deer Season is Underway!

Just a reminder that we are always looking for your stories and photos. Tell your friends about us as well.

You are the best avenue for New York Antler Outdoors to continue bringing the biggest and best whitetail stories and pics to the New York hunters. If you see or know of a good story or photo pass along the info to me so that I can work on getting it out to the reader.

You can also contact me personally any time at regarding the website or to submit photos, stories and info on your buck or a buck that you know about.

Thank you all for subscribing to New York Antler Outdoors and helping to push the site to the top of the list of New York's hottest whitetail & outdoor websites.

Happy Hunting,
Joe Servello

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