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NY Antler Outdoors Newsletter, Issue #010
November 12, 2013

2013 Deer Season is Underway!

2013 NY Youth Hunt

The Columbus Holiday weekend of 2013 found many young hunters in the woods trying to get, maybe, their first deer hunting experience. This year's 2013 Youth Hunt in New York also found some success for many of those hunters. Here are some of those successful deer hunting stories and photos.

2013 Youth Hunt Page


If you know of a successful hunter from this year's youth hunt please send us a story and/or photo to and we will feature it on this page. Just tell your story the way you'd tell your friends. Make sure you add any information you know like, weight, weapon type, number of points, etc We'll take care of the puncuation and spelling.

Be sure to send a quality photo of you and your deer along with your full name, age and County of kill.

Some dandy bucks are already showing up all across New York. You can check them out on the website all season long as they come in by visiting the 2013 Bucks Page.

2013 Bucks Page

If you know of a nice buck taken, or have taken one yourself... send a photo and info to

All photos MUST be of the hunter and the deer with the hunters full name, County of kill, and Date of kill to be posted to the website

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