2022 New York Whitetails

Here we are again with another year of New York's biggest and best whitetail bucks. Here are some of those bucks from the 2022 New York Whitetail hunting season. If you think you have a buck that makes the grade, email a photo to us at nyantler@twcny.rr.com.

The photo MUST be of the hunter with the deer and include the hunter's Full Name with County and Date of kill to be considered for this page. 


Please send along as much info as you can such as, score if you know it, weight, number of points... etc.

REMEMBER... you can upload your own photo(s) to our "Your Deer Pics" page regardless of buck size... you can even upload your doe harvests!

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Dalton Carlsen Archery Buck 2022

Dalton Carlsen arrowed this giant on November 7, 2022 in Genesee County.

Mitchell Scott  archery buck 2022

Mitchell Scott arrowed this nice buck on 11/5/22 in Ontario County

Duke DuBois Archery Bck 2022

Duke DuBois arrowed this Genesee County 12-point on 10/8/22

Buddy Baur Archery Buck 2022

Buddy Baur took this nice buck on 10/30/22 in Livingston County

Jonathan Draves Archery Buck 2022

Jonathan Draves arrowed this big buck on 10/31/22 in Chautauqua County

Bob Knowles Archery Bick 2022

Bob Knowles arrowed this heavy racked 10-point on 10/29/22 in Steuben County

Joe Pastore Archery Buck 2022

Joe Pastore arrowed this big buck in Monroe County on 10/31/22

Ben Williams Archery Buck 2022

Ben Williams arrowed this big buck in Wayne County on 10/28/22

Jaycob Bernard Archery Buck 2022

Jaycob Bernard arrowed this buck on 10/28/22 in Wyoming County

Jeremy Brown Archery Buck

Jeremy Brown arrowed this unique 9-point in Chemung County on 10/4/22

Geno Costello Archery Buck 2022

Geno Costello arrowed this beauty on 10/27/22 in Chemung County

Joshua Lathan Archery Buck 2022

Joshua Lathan arrowed this beauty on 10/22/22 in Genesee County

Shane Hayward archery Buck 2022

Shane Hayward arrowed this big 13-point in Seneca County on 10/17/22

Joshua Cramer Archery Buck 2022

Joshua Cramer arrowed this big 10-point in Yates County on 10/20/22

Kyle Donovan  Archery Buck 2022

Kyle Donovan arrowed this beauty on 10/24/22 in Niagara County

Joseph Beaton Archery Buck 2022

Joseph Beaton arrowed this big buck in Niagara County on 10/22/22

Brian Wirth  Archery Buck 2022

Brian Wirth arrowed this big buck in Erie County on 10/15/22

Sean Barron Archery buck 2022

Sean Barron arrowed this 12-point in Cayuga County on 10/14/22

Dieter Herbert Archery Buck 2022

Dieter Herbert arrowed this huge 12-point in Suffolk County on 10/7/22

Justin Westmorland Archery Buck 2022

Justin Westmorland arrowed this 14-point on 10/10/22 in Niagara County

Haeden Wing Yiuth hunt 2022

Haeden Wing shot this huge buck on October 8, 2022 during the youth hunt in Wayne County... her first deer

Dalton Peterson Archery Buck 2022

Dalton Peterson arrowed this 13-point on 10/4/22 in Chautauqua County

Joe Burdick Archery Buck 2022

Joe Burdick arrowed this massive 17-point on 10/05/22 in Chemung County

Shane Szymanski Archery Buck 2022

Shane Szymanski arrowed this 10-point on 10/2/22 in Erie County

Frank Kentoffio Archery Buck 2022

Frank Kentoffio arrowed this big buck on 10/1/22 in Suffolk County

Justin Snell Achery Buck 2022

Justin Snell arrowed this 12-point in Niagara County on 10/2/22

Martin Kane Archery Buck 2022

Martin Kane arrowed this 8-point on 10/01/22 in Broome County

Luke Devita Archery Buck 2022

Luke Devita arrowed this 13-point on 10/3/22 in Tompkins County

Brian Cole Archery Buck 2022

Brian Cole arrowed this nice 7-point on 10/1/22 in Parish, NY... Oswego County

Jay Janik Archery Buck 2022

Jay Janik arrowed this big 9-point in Erie County... Collins, NY on 10/01/22

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