2016 New York Whitetails
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More big 2016 New York Whitetails... Over 240 bucks going into page 9. These pages are devoted to some of the bigger bucks taken during the 2016 season. If you think you have a buck that makes the grade, email a photo to us at nyantler@twcny.rr.com.

The photo MUST be of the hunter with the deer and include the hunter's Full Name with County and Date of kill to be considered for this page. 


Please send along as much info as you can such as, score if you know it, weight, number of points... etc.

REMEMBER... you can upload your own photo(s) to our "Your Deer Pics" page regardless of buck size... you can even upload your doe harvests!

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Joseph Catalano arrowed this 140 class buck on October 1, 2016 in Putnam County

Ron Hewson shot this monster in Livingston County on 11/27/2016.

Dan Cragg shot this huge 12-point in Steuben County on November 21, 2016

Mariah LeVeille, age18, shot this big 11-point with her 7mm-08 in Otsego County on November 25, 2016

Michael Crum shot this big 12-point with 19 1/2" inside spread in North Wolcott, NY... Wayne County on 11/19/16

Ron Goyea shot this big 13-point on Nov. 19, 2016 in Wayne County

Matthew Hanft shot this huge 10-point on 11/22/16 in Cattaraugus County with his 30-06. His brother, Ryan Hanft, found his shed earlier this year in February.

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Steven Hofert shot this heavy racked buck on 11/25/2016, in Alabama swamps... Genesee County with a Mossberg 500

Dan Grundman shot this 10-point in West Bloomfield, NY... Ontario County on Nov. 25, 2016 with 21" inside spread

Keith Welch shot this Steuben County (8T) bruiser on Nov. 22, 2016

Rj Kowalczewski arrowed this huge 8-point on 11/04/2016 on the ground at 16 yards with climber on my back headed to the tree in Batavia, NY... Genesee Co.

Andy Jerome shot this big 10-point in Saratoga County on 11/27/16 with his Mossberg 500 and Hornaday SST.

Scott Krupski shot this 12-point in Montgomery County on 11/27/2016

Shawn Williams shot this monster in Ulster County on 11/26/16 with .270

Bennett Chavez shot this handsome 8-point in Genesee County on Nov. 24, 2016 with his custom .243

Jeff Gray shot this 10-point with residual velvet on Nov. 19, 2016 in Allegany County with .270 Winchester

Benjamin Fitzgerald shot this huge 10-point on 11/26/16 in South Bristol, NY... Ontario County (8n) with muzzleloader.

John Wright shot this big high racked buck in Orange County on 11/19/2016

Mike Hosking shot this wide Orange County buck in Greenville, NY on Nov. 23, 2016

Lynnette Mettler Wazinski shot her first buck ever in Wayne County on 11/16/16.

Brad Webber shot this big 9-point in Bliss, NY... Wyoming County on 11/26/16. His biggest buck to date.

Mike McCoy shot this big 11-point on 11/24/2016 in Otsego County

Matthew Wickham shot this his first buck, a 9-point, on 11-24-2016 in Delaware County

Michael Erwin shot this huge 10-point on 11/24/2016 in Livingston County, 8M.

Brad Rutherford shot this big 10-point on 11/19/2016 in Yates County

Timothy Spacek, NYSBBC/NBBC Measurer, shot this NT Buck on November 22, 2016 in Yates County. His 15-point buck was tracked in the fresh snowfall and killed in his bed. Net green score 153-5 NT

Cody Hunter shot this big 8-point in Cayuga County on Nov 24, 2016

Kali Spaulding, age 16, shot her first deer in Oswego County on 11/24/2016 with 30-30

Max Kenyon shot this absolute monster 18-point in Broome County on 11/20/2016

Tom Monell shot this huge "Cryptorchid" 15-point buck in Orleans County on Nov 19, 2016.

Brian Bell shot this monster wide 12-point in Tioga County on 11/24/2016

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