2015 New York Whitetails
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2015 New York Whitetails Page 12... which means more big New York Whitetails... closing in on 300 bucks to this point. These pages are devoted to some of the bigger bucks taken during the 2015 season. If you think you have a buck that makes the grade, email a photo to us at nyantler@twcny.rr.com.

The photo MUST be of the hunter with the deer and include the hunter's Full Name with County and Date of kill to be considered for this page. 


Please send along as much info as you can such as, score if you know it, weight, number of points... etc.

REMEMBER... Not all bucks make this page. So if you don't see the photo you submitted you can upload your own photo(s) to our "Your Deer Pics" page regardless of buck size... you can even upload your doe harvests!

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Luke Anderson shot this 9-point on 12/5/2015 in Warsaw, NY... Wyoming County with my Marlin 30-30

Cody Marriott shot this 11-point on 11-21-2015 in Fillmore, NY... Allegany County

Tim Bunao arrowed this public land 8-point in Tioga County on 11/15/2015.

Greg Jones shot this 8-point on 11/14/2015 on his property in Waterville, NY... Oneida County with crossbow.

Scott Jevis shot this 8-point on Dec 6, 2015 in the Town of Pompey... Onondaga county.

Ryan Quigley shot this 8-point on Nov. 26, 2015 in Cayuga County.

Mike Becker shot this 14-point monster on 12-4-2015 near Perrysburg, NY... Cattaraugus County.

Tom Daniels of Clinton County shot this 11-point white buck near Mt. Morris, NY... Livingston County on the weekend of Nov. 28, 2015.

Colin Bailey shot this buck with 20" spread on Nov. 21, 2015 in Allegany County. The buck dressed at 170 lbs. and gross scored 134-4

Nick Welch shot this 8-point in Wayne County on 11-28-2015. The buck dressed at 150 lbs. with a 23" spread.

Jeff Ignaszak shot this buck on Nov. 21, 2015 in the Town of Albion... Orleans County with his Thompson Z5 50 caliber muzzleloader

Casandra Lindholm shot this 9-point on Dec. 3, 2015 in Pittsfield, NY... Otsego County. The buck dressed at 162 lbs. and has a 16 1/2" spread

Angelo Giugliano shot this big 9-point on 11-21-2015 in Otsego County.

Bob Vitkus shot this11-point on 11-21-2015 in DeRuyter, NY... Madison County. the buck dressed at 162 lbs.

Mick McGuire shot this 12-point in Lafayette, NY... Onondaga County on Nov. 26, 2015.

Shawn Mizro shot this nice buck on 11-21-2015 in Ontario County

Tim Ripic shot this 8-point with a broken tine in Vestal Center, NY... Broome County on 11/21/2015 with his 50 cal. CVA muzzleloader

John Spoor shot this 11-point on 11-21-2015 in the Town of Gorham... Ontario County with his grandfathers 30.06.

Shawn Grusendorf shot this 12-point in Canasaraga, NY... Allegany County on November 21, 2015 with a Weatherby Vanguard .270

John Plummer arrowed this 10-point in Monroe County... Greece, NY on November 20, 2015.

Mike Kinsella arrowed this 8-point with his Hoyt bow on 12-1-2015 in Onondaga County (7F)

Austin Liebing shot this 9-point in Fulton County on 11-15-2015. the buck dressed at 183 lbs. with a 16 1/2" spread

Antonia Gridley shot this 12-point (her first deer) on November 29, 2015 in the Town of Jerusalem, NY... Yates County with her Savage .243.

Isabell Saltsman shot this 9-point on 11-30-2015 in Wheeler, NY... Steuben County with Savage .270

Renee Handy shot her first buck, an 8-point, on 11-27-2015 in Schoharie County with Remington .270

Gordie Kuntzsch shot this big buck with split brow tines on November 28, 2015 in Montgomery County. It weighed in at 175 lbs. with an 18" inside spread.

Derrick Knight shot this 9-point in Rensselaer County 11-27-2015. It weighed in at 185 lbs. with a 17 1/2" spread.

Joe Scott arrowed this 10-point on 10-16-1205 in pavilion, NY... Genesee County with his Mathews bow. The buck scored 132 with 18" spread.

Ben Secor shot this 175 lb. 8-point on Nov. 15, 2015 in Hamilton County

John Zeis shot this 207 lb. Adirondack 10-point on Nov. 22, 2015 in Fulton County

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