2012 NY Whitetails
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More of the bigger 2012 New York Whitetails. If you or someone you know has a nice buck that you'd like to showoff. Just email a quality pic to nyantler@twcny.rr.com and I will add it to the page.

Be sure to include your name and county of kill along with score, weight, and any other important information about the buck that you would like to include.

17-point arrowed by Chris Damico on Veterans Day 2012 near Bloomfield, NY. The bus dressed out at around 175lbs. Green score 165-5/8

Don Gearing  took this 11-point buck on opening day of shotgun season. His buck was taken on the Rattlesnake Hill State Wildlife Management Area in Livingston County.

Father and Daughter each take a buck in 2012.

Matt Olles - 8-point on 11/17/12 in Genesee County, Elba, NY. The buck has a 23 1/2 inch spread.

Hailey Olles - took this 8-point on 12/1/12 in Genesee County, Elba, NY. This was her second year hunting and her first buck.

Kali Jones took this nice Otsego County 9-point on 11/23/2012

Carr Buck

This giant 15-point was taken by Vance Carr in Clyde, NY-Wayne County on 11/19/2012.

Jon Stalica arrowed this buck in Genesee County.

Greg Tellone arrowed this giant Long Island 8-pointer on 11/03/2012. The buck weighed a whopping 232 pounds and unofficially scored 171" with 25- 4/8" main beams and 14-4/8" G2s.

Don Messersmith with his13-point taken 11/18/2012 in area 7R in Catharine, NY - Schuyler County. The buck dressed 180 lbs ,shot with 12 ga. fully rifled barrel at 70 yards

Taken by Nick Ringelberg in Dansville NY - WMU 9p - Steuben County on 11/24/2012, 170 yard shot with a muzzleloader. Gross green score 160 3/8” net green score 154 4/8”. Deer is only 3.5yrs old.

Shot opening day by Tom Thomas on his own woods in Granger,NY - Allegany County. Used a Marlin Lever action 44 mag. at about 20 yards. 9-point that weighed just under 200 lbs.

This buck was taken by Dan Havert on opening day of gun season 2012 in Wayne County, Town of Marion, NY at 8:30 am. The buck has a 17 ½" spread, weighed 165lbs and has split brow tine on the left, very neat antler bases.

Chad Steward with his Chautauqua County 8-point gross score 140"

Donald McGinn took this wide 7-point in Wayne County - Macedon, NY the buck has a 23-1/2 inch spread

14-point.Taken by Chris Nelson on 11/18/12 in Clarendon N.Y.

" The one I thought I missed. But, thanks to my friend Terry we tracked it four hours later,after finding no blood trail at first. Found it 1/2 mile away."

Paul Campbell of Erin, New York with his 9-point. Green score: 147

10 Point taken by Adam Dutcher on Opening Day of Gun Season in WMU-8J. Not yet scored

Travis Defalco with his biggest gun deer to date an 8-pointer taken 11/19/2012 in Sullivan County.

10-point taken on Opening Day of gun season 2012 in Middleburgh, NY- Schoharie County by Len Duckman.

Matt Bramer with his Montgomery County buck taken 11/22/12. The buck weighed 152 lbs dressed and was taken with an AR-15 6.8 spc 110 grain.

Nickolas Optis poses with his 12-point taken November 17, 2012 opening day of gun season in Springwater, NY - Livingston County. The buck was aged at 5-1/2 years old and weighed 233 lbs.

Green score 164-3/8

Robert Casella with his 2012 shotgun buck taken in Cheshire, NY- Ontario County on November 22, 2012. The buck scored 120 even though it was missing it's g-4 and one of the splits on it's double
split brows.

Kevin Aucompaugh with his 10-point taken in Montgomery County on 11/18/12 with 30-06 at 295 yards.The buck dressed out at 170 lbs with a 19-1/4" spread.

Ross Lawton and his 9-point shot 11/25/2012 in the Town of Locke, Cayuga County. The buck was weighed and aged by the DEC at 160 lbs and 4.5 years old.

9-point taken November 17, 2012 by Alex Knight in Oswego County. The buck weighed in at 200 lbs dressed. Rough scored 133 1/8

Spencer VanAlstyne and his Fulton County10-point.

Shot in Southern Livingston County 11/24/2012 by Ryan Lown. Score: 127

Renee Hatfield took this 15-point in Livingston County WMU 8H

David Gerardi harvested this nice 195 pound 10-point in Saratoga County.

Ten pointer, shot on 10/25/12 by Russell Anderson in the Town of Chester, Warren County during rifle season. Dressed out at 165 lb.

Western N.Y. 11-point shot by Jim Clark in Wyoming County during the 2012 gun season.

Matt Palumbo shot this 8-point, 202.5 lbs buck with his Remington 750 30-06 at 40 yards. The buck was taken in Herkimer County.

Jeremy Meisenzahl harvested this monster buck on 11-20-2012. The buck was taken in Monroe County, New York. Has not yet been scored

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